Slovak Ultratrail League (original name: Slovenská Ultratrailová Liga) is a year-round contest for the Slovak ultra trail races participants. The contest is organized by the SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association in cooperation with the organizers of the race events, which are part of the league.

Principle of the contest:

The basic principle of the contest is to motivate the people to participate in the ultra trail races and to reach best possible ranking. The objective is to collect points from the ultratrail races, which are part of the Slovak Ultratrail League. The overall ranking reflects 8 races with highest amount of points received. Based on the points received the Slovak Ultratrail League ranking is being updated after every race.

The second ranking in Slovak Ultratrail League 2018 is based on the number of successfully finished races with taking its course difficultness into account. The points in this ranking come from the summation of difficultness points from the finished races (TAB NO.1, column Dif.).

The winners ceremony of Slovak Ultra Trail League 2018 will take place during the year-end SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL event in Bratislava.

Ultratrail races in Slovak Ultratrail League 2018:

Following ultratrail races in Slovakia are part of the Slovak Ultratrail League 2018 (TAB NO. 1):

Name of the race Course parameters Date Dif. Particip. 1st
Kysucká stovka 113 km / +4700 m 02.03. 5 500 1450
Letecká stovka 105 km / +3750 m 17.03. 5 500 1450
Lazová stovka 113 km / +3600 m 21.04. 5 500 1450
Cross Kamzík-Baba-Kamzík 53 km / +1700 m 29.04. 3 300 1250
Nízkotatranská stíhačka 105 km / +5740 m 14.07. 5 500 1450
Ultra Fatra 55 km / +3800 m 28.07. 4 400 1350
Východniarska stovka 129 km / +6500 m 04.08. 6 600 1550
100 MKMK (trasa A) 208 km / +7500 m 17.08. 6 600 1550
100 MKMK (trasa B) 171 km / +6000 m 17.08. 6 600 1550
100 MKMK (trasa C) 138 km / +4750 m 17.08. 5 500 1450
Rýchlik Zoška - Bratislava 50 km / +1500 m 01.09. 3 300 1250
Ponitrianska stovka 105 km / +3920 m 15.09. 5 500 1450
Javornícka stovka 105 km / +4480 m 13.10. 5 500 1450
Malokarpatská Vertikála 56 km / +2860 m 20.10. 3 300 1250

The minimal course total distance of a races included in the Slovak Ultratrail League is 50 km. In case of course parameters change the points in last 3 columns will be checked and eventaully updated.


  • Men 
  • Women


The finishers are receiving points based on their result (ranking) in the race and points based on the race course difficultness (see the column Dif. in TAB NO. 1).

Finisher points:

Every participant, who successfully completes a race course within its time limit and with keeping the race regulations, will receive a hundred times the difficultness points (the points amounts is in the column Particip. in TAB NO. 1). In case of course parameters change the points in thid column will be checked and eventaully updated).

Ranking points:

The ranking points will be received by first 50 finishers (see the TAB NO. 2). The points amount is graduated based on the rank.


Bonus for 1st - 3rd finisher:

1st finisher: 150 points, 2nd finisher: 75 points, 3rd finisher: 38 points (the total amount of points for the race winner can be found in the column 1st in TAB NO. 1). In case the number of participants in a category per race is less than 15, the bonus for 1st - 3rd finisher is not being granted (in case the race has several courses included in the Slovak Ultratrail League, this rule is being applicated by less than 15 participants per course and category).

Regulation for the Women category: 

If a race event has a Women category announced in advance (before the start) and at least 15 participants (women) will take part, the points for ranking and the bonus for 1st - 3rd finisher are being granted separately for the Women category. In case the race has no Women category announced before its start (only "unisex" category), the points for women finishers is being calculated within the overall ranking. The women have a separate ranking tab (there is the overall ranking, Men and Women table in the results).

Regulation for race events with category Relays:

For the races Rýchlik Zoška - Bratislava and Východniarska stovka only the ultra individuals categories are part of the Slovak Ultratrail League (not the Relays category).

Several finishers with the same arrival time:

In case there are several participants with the same arrival time in finish, the ranking points will be summed up (this regulation is valid also for the rank 1-3) and the result will be subsequently divided by number of the participants who have the same arrival time in finish (this means every finisher in this group will receive the same amount of points).

In case of disqualification:

In case of disqualification the participant will receive no points for Slovak Ultratrail League from the race, where he/she has been disqualified.

In case of disqualification due to a serious regulations violation in a race included in Slovak Ultratrail League 2018 a hundred times of the difficultness points from the race, where he/she has been disqualified, will be subtracted (so the result will be e.g. -500 points). The evaluation of the race regulations violation seriousness is in competency of the race event organizer, where the regulations violation happened. 

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