The 2nd season of Slovak Ultratrail League included 16 race events between March and October 2016, from which unfortunately Malofatranská stovka and Nízkotatranská stíhačka had to be cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions. Therefore the results table with 14 races contains 889 names (779 men and 110 women). We are glad that the number of Slovak Ultratrail League participants increased significantly (almost 200 more in comparison with year 2015). We would like to thank you for coming to the SLOVAK ULTRATRAIL events and looking forward for meeting you also during the next year.

  • Kysucká stovka
  • Letecká stovka
  • Kamzík-Baba-Kamzík
  • Lazová stovka
  • Bánovská stovka
  • Východniarska stovka
  • 100 Míľ Krajom Malých Karpát
  • Tatranská šelma Ultra
  • Rýchlik Zoška-Bratislava
  • Ponitrianska stovka
  • Javornícka stovka
  • Malokarpatská vertikála
  • Prešporský Ultra Trail

Thanks to all race organizers, volunteers and to all people, who did help with this contest realization. Special thanks to Peter Cisár, who took care of keeping the results up to date. We believe, that in the next season we will be able to bring some more news which will make the Slovak Ultratrail League more attractive.

The paerticular results of Slovak Ultratrail League 2016 can be found here: RESULTS


1. Roman Babulic (SVK): 8074,1 points

2. Emil Páleník (SVK): 7331,1 points

3. Dalimil Hota (CZE): 6199,2 points


1. Katarína Janechová (SVK): 6072,2 points

2. Eva Konszká (CZE): 4949,7 points

3. Petra Mücková (CZE): 3835 points

The winners ceremony will take place during the year-end SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL event in Bratislava.


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