Cross Country Baba-Kamzík s Mitickou

Cross Country Baba-Kamzík s Mitickou is a great running event in Small Carapthians with several distances with various difficultness. The most popular course is the 26 km one - from Pezinská Baba to Kamzík, the most known hill in Bratislava. For the ultratrail runners the most interesting one should be the 53 km course Baba-Kamzík-Baba, which takes them from Kamzík to Pezinská Baba and back. The event got an aenormous popularity during the years and the number of participants overreached 1000 in the last editions (the most runners participate in the 26 km run). The event is organized by ŠK pre Radosť in cooperation with the Cross Country Club Rača.

The race course follows mostly the very well known red marked path on the Small Carpathians ridge, but it is visiting also other beautiful places. The course contains just very short tarmac passages, mostly it follows forest trails very suitable for running (hence the course is also very fast one).

The 53 km course (Cross Baba-Kamzík-Baba) is a part of the 4 súčasťou 4th edition of Slovak Ultratrail League. The event is a part of the Carpathian mountain running cup 2018.

Race type          Ultra trail and trail run
Organizer         ŠK pre Radosť in cooperation with the Cross Country Club Rača
Edition 19.
Termín 29. April 2018
Mountains Small Carpathians
Course parameters 53 km / +1.700 m
Start place Bratislava, Kamzík (top of the ski slope at Kamzík)
Start time          07.30 CET
Course Kamzík - Pezinská Baba - Kamzík
Finish Bratislava, Kamzík
Time limit Time limit limit at Pezinská Baba is na obrátke na Pezinskej Babe is 3,5 hours from start, time limit in finish is 15.00 CET
Further courses 26 km, 16 km
Start fee  22 - 34 EUR (based on the payment date)
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