Lazová stovka

Lazová stovka is the first of the new 100-kilometer long distance marches, which appeared in Slovakia after year 2008. The idea to organize this event was brought in 2007 by Slavomír Glesk and in the next year the 1st edition of Lazová stovka took place. Since then Lazová stovka is a inseparable part of the season in Slovakia. It takes place in April in the White Carpathians and Small Carpathians with start and finish in Vrbové.

During the 10 editions of Lazová stovka the attendance increased up to 300. It is an event, which is well known due to its great and friendlz atmosphere.

The course of Lazová stovka follows mostly the marked tourist or local paths to the boarder with Czech republic and after a passage in Czech republic it ascends to Veľká Javorina (970 m a.s.l.) and returns to Slovakia, where through the village Lubina and the Čachtické Karpaty hills it reaches the finish in Vrbové. The map (link) for the actual course for 2018 year shows, that Lazová stovka 2018 will take the participants to all important places of its 10 years history, including Žalostiná. The participants of the 11th edition of "Lazovka" can look forward for a 113 km clourse in the beautiful surrounding of Veľká Javorina.

Race type  Long distance march (ultra trail runners are welcome)
Organizer       O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL, UCSG
Edition 11.
Date 21.-22. April 2018
Mountains White Carpathians, Myjavská pahorkatina, Small Carpathians
Course parameters 113 km / +3600 m
Start place Vrbové, Elementary school Komenského 2
Start time 06.00 CET
Course Link for the online map with course HERE
Finish Vrbové, Elementary school Komenského 2
Time limit Not specified (checkpoint in Višňové until 07.00 CET)
Further courses No
Start fee 21 - 24 EUR based on enrollment date
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