Hriňovská stovka

Hriňovská stovka is a challenging mountain ultramarathon and long distance march in Veporské and Stolické vrchy mountains in Slovakia. The first edition took place in 2019. In 2023 it will be the weekend of 9.-10. September, when the 4th edition of Hriňovská stovka will welcome the participants. The race is being organized by o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL in cooperation with runners and tourist clubs from Lučenec, Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Utekáč and Kokava nad Rimavicou.

Hriňovská stovka, of course in modern shape, continues the tradition of the long distance marches in this region of Slovakia. In the past it was Utekáčska horská stovka, which existed between the years 1977 and 1996, currently it is especially Podkrivánska šesťdesiatka. The new event - Hriňovská stovka - would like to show the beauty of the mountains and nature in this part of Slovakia with a more challenging course with 114 km distance and 4800 m total elevation gain.  

Between the statue of the fujara player at Podpolianske námestie square in Hriňová (fujara is a traditional and unique music instrument coming from this region) and the finish in the same town there is a long route trough the scenic landscape with panoramatic views, scattered small villages and natural attractions. Because of the demanding course character it  is strongly recommended to have at least one 100 km race completed before attending this event.

Hriňovská stovka 2020 is a part of the 9th edition of the Slovak Ultratrail League. The course has been certified by ITRA (5 points) and is included in the list of ITRA National League races as well as races with UTMB Index. 

Race type Mountain ultramarathon and long distance march
Organizer        O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL
Edition 4.
Race dare 9.-10. September 2023
Mountains Veporské vrchy, Stolické vrchy
Course parameters 114 km / +4800 m
Start place Hriňová, Podpolianske námestie (square)
Start time 06.00 CET
Course All information about the race course can be found here
Aid stations 9
Finish Hriňová, elementary school, Školská ulica (street)
Time limit 29 hours
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