Ponitrianska stovka

  Ponitrianska stov ka is a trailrunning race and a long distance non-stop march for individuals with a 106 km course in the Vtáčnik and Tribeč mountains in Slovakia. The race is being organized by the o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association. It is one of the most popular ultra races in the country.

Ponitrianska stovka has been established in 2011. Since then 9 successful editions took place with increasing number of participants. The edition in 2018 brought a new attendance record - 270 participants from several countries.

The fastest time on the original course from Nitra to Handlová has been reached by Martin Kais (in 2014 he set a new record time 11 hours and 12 minutes). The fastest time in women category is with Klára Rampírová (in 2012 she did the course in 13 hours and 58 minutes).

After four editions the organizers decided to change the Ponitrianska stovka course to the opposite direction (from Handlová to Nitra), some of the course passages have bee redirected from the red tourist marked Ponitrianska magistrála path to the Tribeč mountains ridge. This change brought a positive feedback and contributed to a much better finish background. The fastest time so far has been ran by Patrik Milata (10 hours). In 2019 Denisa Kušnierová set a new women category record (12 hours and 54 minutes).

Ponitrianska stovka 2020 is a part of the 6th edition of Slovak Ultratrail League. Ponitrianska stovka course has benn certified by ITRA (4 points) and is in the list of qualifying races for UTMB 2021. Ponitrianska stovka 2020 is a qualifying race for the Western States Endurance Run in 2021.

Race type   Mountain ultramarathon and long distance march for individuals
Organizer        O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL
Edition 10.
Date 12.-13. September 2020
Mountains Vtáčnik and Tribeč
Course parameters 106 km / +3.900 m
Start place Handlová, Námestie baníkov square
Start time 07.00 CET
Course Course information
Finish Nitra, Nábrežie mládeže 5 elementary school
Time limit 25 hours (24 hours for ITRA points and WSER qualif.)
Start fee 32 EUR
Web www.ponitrianska100.sk
Facebook Link
E-mail ponitrianska100@gmail.com

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