Season 2019

The first Slovak Ultratrail League 2019 race belongs to the most difficult ones in Slovakia. The 8th edition of Kysucká stovka, a mountain ultramarathon and long distance march in Kysucká vrchovina and Javorníky mountains, brought severe conditions given especially by terrain and fallen trees. Despite this fact over 67 percent of the participants did finish the race, which shows, that Kysucká stovka is being visited especially by experienced people. Most of them did not give up in the first difficult night part of the course to Horný Vadičov, where the most DNFs happened. 90 people in the Kysucká stovka start list are the new attendance record for this winter race.

Vít Otevřel, the four-times Kysucká stovka Champion, came also this year and after a impressive performance he took the 1st place from the 113 km distance. He arrived to the finish in Kysucké Nové Mesto with a excellent time 15:06:03. The runners from Czech republic were on rank one in both categories - the best women of Kyucká stovka 2019 was Marie Balšínková (19:37:30). The top 3 ranks of Slovak Ultratrail League after the 1st 2019 race are with:

1. Vít Otevřel (CZE) 1450 points
2. Matej Oravec (SVK) 1135 points
3. Ivan Mudroň (SVK) 988 points
1. Marie Balšínková (CZE) 652 points
2. Monika Heissenberger (SVK) 609 points
3. Miluše Gombalová (CZE) 600 points
The Slovak Ultratrail League ranking after the 1st race reflects the Kysucká stovka results. The complete ranking (61 people so far) can be found on:
The next race of the  Slovak Ultratrail League 2019 is the popular one - Lazová stovka, which will take place on 13.-14. April. Over 400 names in the start list are promise a big ultra party there. We are looking to meet you in Vrbové :-)
Photo: Martina Magová, Dalibor Dvorštiak