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Ľudova 50 51 km  / +2600 m 27.01.
Letecká stovka 106 km  / +3590 m 09.03.
ALS BEH Kozí kameň 44 km  / +1900 m 23.03.
Ultra Kras 55 55 km / +2400 m 27.04.
Strážovská 50 50 km / +2500 m 11.05.
Strečnianska mašľa 51 km / +2810 m 08.06.
Malofatranská stovka 107 km / +6580 m
56 km / +3910 m
Nízkotatranská stíhačka 98,5 km  / +5640 m 20.07.
Ultra Fatra  55 km / +3700 m  27.07.
Východniarska stovka 105  / +5320 m
57 km / +2610 m
Rusínska 100 a 66 114 km / +4269 m
70 km / +2533 m
Kokava Trail 75 km / +3000 m* 07.09.  
Big Bear's Ultra 118 km / +6300 m
62 km / +3500 m
Javornícka stovka 106 km / +4030 m 12.10.  

The information marked with an asterisk (*) is preliminary and will be added or confirmed by the race organizer later.

All imporatnt dates are available also in the SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL Google calendar.

In case of any question regarding the SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL race calendar please contact us via mail on

54 km / +2400 m



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