Nízkotatranská stíhačka

Nízkotatranská stíhačka (NTS) is a mountain ultramarathon for individuals in Slovakia. The 103 km long race course with a total positive altitude change of 5740 m (ITRA certified) goes through the whole main ridge of Low Tatras mountains. Available is also a shorter NTS49 course. The race organizer is STS HIKING, NTS is in partnership with the SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL association.

Nízkotatranská stíhačka was founded in year 2009 (the pilot edition was a long distance march with 25 teams in start list), since 2010 NTS offered a possibility for 50 two-member teams to participate in (the limited capacity of the race was related to the nature protection and granter permission). NTS was the first long distance event with 100-kilometer course, which transformed to a pure ultra trail race event. In the two-member teams race shape NTS continued until 2017.

In 2018 a significant change has been announced - the race for two-member teams changes to a race for individuals. The race capacity will increase to 150 places, however - the elimination checkpoint at Čertovica (50 participants quit here, 100 can continue in the 2ns part of the course) will be still a part of the race. After a change in the ascent from Šumiac to Kráľova hoľa (the blue marked path had to be left for one edition) the course returned to the original ascent path with beautiful views. The new concept of the race has been announced in 2020. Two courses - 103 km and 49 km with start in Telgárt and with the NTS49 finish in Čertovica, 100 places for each.

The Nízkotatranská stíhačka (NTS103) course goes through the whole main Low Tatras ridge. Starting point is village Telgárt, destination point is Donovaly mountain resort. The NTS course follows the blue marked cyclo-trail from Telgárt to Šumiac, the next passage is the forest road from Šumiac to Kráľova hoľa – not the blue-marked tourist trail – and further the red-marked trail to Donovaly (with branching-off to Ďurková chalet following  the green-marked trail). In several passages it reaches the elevation of 2000 m a.s.l.

Nízkotatranská stíhačka 2020 (NTS103 nad NTS49) is a part of the 6th edition of Slovak Ultratrail League. Both courses have been certified by ITRA (NTS103 for 5 points, NTS49 for 2 points).

THE SHADOW WARRIOR course is a qualifying race for UTMB (6 ITRA points for completing the course within the time limit).

Viac tu: https://www.slovakultratrail.sk/news/en-a100-mil-krajom-malych-karpat/
Race type Mountain ultramarathon for individuals
Edition 11.
Date 18.-19. July 2020
Mountains Nízke Tatry, Starohorské vrchy
Course parameters 103 km / +5740 m
Start place Telgárt
Start time 05.30 CET
Course Information can be found HERE
Further courses NTS49 (49 km / +2820 m)
Finish Donovaly (NTS103) and Čertovica (NTS49)
(Time limit 26 hours (NTS103) and 11 hours (NTS49)
Start fee 59 EUR (NTS103) and 39 EUR (NTS49)
Web www.stihacka.hiking.sk
Facebook Link
E-mail stihacka@hiking.sk

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