Východniarska stovka

Východniarska stovka is a mountain ultramarathon and long distance march for individuals in the eastern part of Slovakia. The course start is in Kysak, the finish place in the town Košice. The Východniarska stovka race took place in 2015 for the first time. 

The Východniarska stovka course follows the paths in the eastern part of Slovenské Rudohorie, mostly in the Volovské vrchy mountains. The prerequisite for attending the race is a minimal age of 18 years, registration and start fee payment. 

After the first two editions of Východniarska stovka with a rather "conservative" course the 3rd edition was a surprise probably for most of the participants. Much more challenging course (distance, technical level, the Bokšov ridge) made Východniarska stovka one of the most difficult ultratrail races in Slovakia. In the 4th edition there were even more elevation gain meters! After two years, when Východniarska stovka could not be organized due to the COVID-19 pandemy and further complications, the race returns in 2022 with several changes. The most important ones is shortening the course to 105 km and changing the start place to Kysak.

The changes made the race more interesting and of course. it is still still a hard 100k race - with 5610 meters of total elevation gain it is one of the most challenging races in this distance category in our country. Less asphalt roads, new nice places. On top of the course profile the runners have to calculate also with (sometimes hot) summer weather. 

If you are not a 100k ultra runner or you want to share the course with your friend, then there is a possibility to register as a relay. The course will be split into two parts - 57,5 km a 47,5 km (change in Kojšov). The whole course contains 8 aid stations.

Východniarska stovka 2022 (individuals) is a part of the 8th edition of the Slovak Ultratrail League. The course of Východniarska stovka has been certified by ITRA (5 points). The race is contained in the list of races with UTMB Index in the 100k category.

Race type    Mountain ultramarathon and long distance march 
Organizer        O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL
Edition 7.
Race date 6.-7. August 2022
Mountains Volovské vrchy mountains
Course parameters 105 km / +5610 m
Start place Kysak
Start time 6:00 CET
Course The complete course information can be found HERE
Finish Košice, Ryba Anička
Time limit 32 hours
Start fee 45 EUR individuals / 90 EUR ultra-relays 
Web www.v100.sk
Facebook Link
E-mail info@v100.sk

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