Východniarska stovka

Východniarska stovka is a demanding mountain ultramarathon and long-distance march for individuals. The route connects Kysak and Košice. The event, which took place for the first time in 2015, returns in 2023 with a modified route with parameters of 107 km / +5320 m and leads through the eastern part of the Slovenské rudohorie mountains, mainly through the part of the Volovské vrchy. 

Changing the route of Východniarská stovka did nothing to reduce its attractiveness. On the contrary. With 5320 meters of total ascent, it is one of the most demanding hundreds in Slovakia. El Presidente Belo will welcome long-distance runners and ultra-runners to the 6th edition of  Východniarská stovka during August 5-6, 2023.

Východniarska stovka brings, in addition to the modification of the hundred-kilometer route, a new event in the form of a shorter route - Východniarska 50 (August 5-6, 2023) with a start in Kojšov and a destination in Košice. It has parameters of 59 km / +2610 m and will take you from Kojšov through the Folkmarská skala back to Kojšov, where it will connect to the route of the hundred and continue through the Kojšovská hola through the Volovské vrchy to the common finish line of the event.

Both courses of the Východniarska stovka 2023 event are part of the 9th edition of Slovak Ultratrail League. The courses of Východniarska stovka have been certified by ITRA  (V100 for 5 points, V50 for 3 points) and are contained in the list of ITRA National League races as well as races with UTMB Index.

Race type  Mountain ultramarathon and long distance march
Edition 6.
Date 5.-6. August 2023
Mountainms Volovské vrchy
Course parameters 107 km / +5320 m (V100) a 59 km / +2610 m (V50)
Start places Kysak (V100) and Kojšov (V50)
Start times 06.00 CET (V100) a 12.00 CET (V50)
Courses The information about the courses can be found HERE
Aid stations 8 (V100) a 5 (V50)
Finish Košice, restaurant and lido Ryba Anička
Time limits 32 hours (V100) a 14 hours (V50)
Web www.v100.sk
Facebook Link
E-mail info@v100.sk

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